Nude Makeup At Home In Just 5 Simple Steps

The nude makeup look is rocking the world of glamour currently. The celebrity influence on this style can’t be denied, and naturally you want a shot at it too.

What is nude makeup exactly? Unlike what your cheeky mind is thinking, this is only to do with makeup and nothing else. The idea is to use less product, instead of more, to look naturally beautiful. And I can tell you how to apply nude makeup at home easily, in 10 simple steps. Are you ready?

Get A Perfect Nude Makeup Look In Just 5 Simple Steps:

Step #1: Cleansing

What is the first rule of face care? Cleansing, toning and moisturising. This holds true of pre-makeup steps as well. Use a deep cleanser like Olay Total Effects Foaming Cleanser to make your skin ready for makeup.

Step #2: Moisturizing

Skip the foundation as that ends up giving a cakey look. Opt for a tinted moisturiser or a simple soufflé. Look for a shade as close to your natural skin colour. If you have pale skin, go for light pink or peach, and if you have olive tones, choose beige or cream. Using clean fingers dab it on your cheek, nose, forehead and chin, and spread it evenly all over for a smooth finish.

Step #3: Eye Makeup

  1. Let’s turn to your eyes now. Pick a fawn or a taupe eye shadow, as close to your natural colour. Using a brush apply it evenly to make your eyes appear soft
  2. To make your eyes ‘pop’, take a deeper shade of brown and contour the outer corners of your eyes using a contour brush.
  3. To add some drama to your eyes, highlight your brow bone using a cream-coloured eye shadow. And voila, a sultry-eyed diva will look back at you from the mirror.
  4. No eye makeup is complete without eyeliner. Use a brown pencil to draw a stroke along your lash-line. And finish with just one coat of mascara.

Step #4: Cheek Makeup

  1. To bring a glow to your cheeks apply a slight blush. Don’t go for a contrasting colour but choose a more natural shade. You have several gel- and powder-based blushers in the market today.
  2. We’re not done being cheeky yet. You can emphasise your cheekbones with a cheek highlighter. We like pastel shades.

Step #5: Lip Makeup

  1. A nude look make up has to be religiously applied to all your face, including your lips. Even if you like reds and burgundies, now is not the time for those shades, ladies. Your favourite brand will definitely have a nude shade.
  2. Look for the one closest to your skin tone and apply that carefully with a brush. The beauty of the nude look is the precision with which it is applied.
  3. Finish off with a dash of a transparent lip gloss and you are ready to go.

Now that you know how to do nude makeup, when do you start? You can always experiment a bit and add a bit of your personality to the look depending on the occasion you want to present yourself. Be who you are, and love who you are; the world will follow.

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